Adair Breast Tenaculum Forcep, Aiach Forcep 16cm, 5mm Wide Tip, Allis Tissue Grasping Forcep, 5×6 Teeth, Babcock Tissue Forcep, Baby Mixter Hemostatic Forcep 14cm, 90° Angled, Backhaus Towel Clamp, Ball And Socket Towel Clamp, Collings Tongue Seizing Forcep 17cm, Crile Hamostatic Forcep, Dandy Hemostatic Forcep 14cm, Doyen Clamp 23cm, Duval Tissue Forcep, Edna Lorna Towel Clamp, Forester Sponge Forcep, Gross Dressing Forcep, Halsted Micro Mosquito Forcep 12.5cm, Halsted Micro Mosquito Forcep, 1×2 Teeth 12.5cm, Halsted Mosquito Forcep 12.5cm, Halsted Mosquito Forcep, 1×2 Teeth 12.5cm, Hartman Micro Mosquito Forcep 10cm, Jacobson Koshima Micro Forcep 12.5cm, Jones Towel Clamp 9cm, Kelly Hemostatic Forcep, Kocher Hemostatic Forcep 1×2 Teeth 14cm, Lahey Traction Forcep 16cm, Leriche Artery Forceps 1×2 Teeth 15cm], Leriche Artery Forceps Serrated 15cm], Non Perforating Towel Clamp, Ochsner Artery Forcep 1×2 Teeth, Rampley Sponge Forcep, Rochester Pean Forcep, Schnidt Tonsil Forcep 19cm

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